Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ladies Night

It was Ladies Night at the Boulder Running Company! They had a sports bra fit clinic, but that was the necessary information part before the fun. I got a free five minute massage, 25% off all running clothing, a free pedicure kit and a free pair of Hind shorts. All is right in the running world. I'd gone for a run just before this, so it was quite funny that they were doing mini makeovers. My hair is a horrible mess, but don't I look nice all cropped?

I almost never wear makeup, so I think I impressed my husband. But onto the more exciting things in the world -- running!

My schedule has gotten a little screwed up, so I did Sunday's run on Monday, using my husband's Forerunner. I went 2.77 miles in 40 minutes of running and walking, with the runs being about 9:30/mile. Not so bad, I'd say. Tonight I did thirty minutes on the track with some running mixed in. On the last running part I managed to do an 8 minute mile pace. Never mind that it was only for a minute. I felt fast and that felt so incredibly good. I'm looking forward to the running portions getting longer as I keep on this plan. I am such a dork that I've even planned what I'm going to wear to the Mother's Day race. I'm getting so excited about running again and I think that my husband's even happier about that than I am. But you know, at least it makes both of us happy, right?


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