Tuesday, March 15, 2005

For real this time

The last two weeks were weeks -1 and 0 on my training plan. Now that I'm actually on week one, I am trying to stick to things. I ended up running on the tiny 1/16 mile track at the gym tonight. It was the worst it's ever been there. Weightlifters were stretching on the track, oblivious to the fact that someone might run there. The outside and inside lanes go different directions and a woman walking in the outside lane kept cutting the corner into the inside lane every single time until I made her stop. It was not a good run. At least it happened, right?

My husband has provided me with some sweet incentive, though. I get a yard of fabric for every run I do through the end of the training plan. That's a potential 24 yards. If I skip a run for no good reason however, I lose all previously accumulated fabric. Seeing as how I'm turning into a hoarder of fabric as well as yarn, this may well work out. I'm planning on getting some of Temple Flowers, Cozy and some as yet unreleased Charm. I may be a running mercenary, but it's for my own good.

30 minutes total with 8 minutes running


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